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Why Hire a Landscape Designer

While the idea of spending on a professional landscape design may seem like an expensive and unnecessary cost, in the long run, it’ll be the best investment you’ll make in your property. While the upfront cost may seem daunting, the cost of a good landscape design is usually only around 2% to 3% of the entire cost of designing, installing, and maintaining a landscape for a 20-year span.

The benefits of a proper design upfront are that the landscape you install will be aesthetically pleasing once it fully grows in, blends with the architecture of your property, is economical/realistic to construct, and economical to live with over time. A bad landscape design can be incredibly costly over time. A good design, on the other hand, will pay for itself many times over. We're experts in sustainable landscape design. We'll help you create a beautiful and functional landscape that fits your needs and your budget.

Custom Designs Built To Shine

At Oak Keeper Designs, we don't just stop at the plantings. We blend natural beauty with manmade craftsmanship. Our landscape designs include everything outdoors! Be it a pool, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio or something else, our design team has the expertise to correctly choose materials and blend elements to create stunning spaces that are both functional and beautiful. 

Looking to bring this space into reality? Our install teams are well versed in building everything we design so rest assured that your design is installed correctly. Our teams work together to create a seamless experience for our clients from start to finish. We strive to not only design and build incredible spaces but also build lasting positive relationships with those we serve.

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