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How I Found My Reason for Being

I've had a few adventures in my short time here on Earth, and through my various adventures, I've had a paradigm shift in how I define myself.

I always thought what you did for work in your life defined who you are. So I thought, being a police officer, biologist, engineer, or doctor all define who you are and who you grow to be. I spent my young life struggling to fit myself into one of these boxes.

I wanted to be an architect in middle and high school, but when I graduated in 2015 I decided to switch things up for college. I majored in business. Then criminal justice. Then I settled on public administration. Then once I graduated I went back to school a year later to become a marine biologist! Defining myself by a profession became a tireless goal of mine and it wasn't until I sat back and took a break from toiling at this that I finally began to see the error in my thought process.

I began scuba diving in 2017 when I found a Groupon for an entry level certification course. Once I took my first breaths underwater, I fell in love. I graduated college a month later and decided to take some time for myself before going for my graduate degree. A year turned into 3 years as I fully engrossed myself in the dive community. I began working at a local dive center and worked my way up the ranks. By the end of the three years I was the general manager of the entire company up until the company was sold (to my girlfriend's mother of all people!).


In my time working and diving with the company, I felt more alive than ever and it showed in my work and my character. As a diver I didn't just love the adventure of it all. I loved the camaraderie and getting to help people have their "Disney World Experience" for the day.

Over the course of gaining an education and life experience, I was focused on finding my reason for being, in a profession. Looking back on it now, who I am isn’t defined by a profession at all. I’ve always enjoyed creating new things, being around people, and being a positive influence. Who I am hasn’t changed a whole lot since the days of middle school pre-engineering class. While life may influence how I grow and mature, who I am influences what I do and how I enjoy life.

And so, this is why I created Oak Keeper Designs. Using the knowledge passed down from generations, I enhance people’s lives by creating a natural foundation for social engagement. I get to use my creative vision to bring joy to people's lives and give them a platform to build memories of their own.

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