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Tropical Leaves

About Us

Over 40+ Years of Experience

We design and build custom outdoor experiences that takes your ideal lifestyle from an idea to reality.

Since entering the landscape design industry, Oak Keeper Designs has developed a reputation as an innovative and accomplished firm. The design team taps into their varied skills and expertise to provide sustainable and creative landscape solutions. We are dedicated to bringing dream vistas into reality. 

Why Choose Us?

We understand that investing money in a landscaping project with a designer can be scary when you don't know what the finished project will look like.

This is why we at Oak Keeper Designs provide our customers with 3D renderings and detailed plans of the final product before we even begin to break ground. You know exactly what you are going to get before anything happens.

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Professional Team

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Timely Response

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Safe & Reliable

Meet Our Experts


Pat Encinosa

Founder & Owner

Pat spent his childhood cultivating his love for plants and animals by helping his father with landscaping and spending time in nature as an Eagle Scout. His passion for the outdoors means that even large projects, like his horticulture consulting at the University of North Florida and Florida Atlantic University, don’t feel like work. Pat loves a challenge and his experience as a police officer, firefighter, EMT, zookeeper, Divemaster, and landscape company owner equips him to find effective solutions in unexpected circumstances. Ultimately, Pat believes in a community approach to learning and has been a board member of the Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society, and a member of the Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council and the Conrad Sunrise Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society. He’s more than happy to share his broad depth of knowledge, so feel free to ask him any and all plant-related questions. Just be prepared for a more detailed answer than you might have expected!

Mateo Encinosa

VP of Operations & Sr. Designer

Despite Mateo’s business savvy, you won’t find him cooped up in the office all day. Mateo’s active and hands-on approach to management is built by his experience strengthening companies from the ground up. At Oak Keeper designs, Mateo enjoys creating outdoor living spaces where people can truly enjoy themselves by spending time in nature with friends and family. Mateo loves mastering new skills and spends his free time painting, spearfishing, and teaching others to scuba dive. At Oak Keeper Designs, Mateo is charged with general operations management, negotiating vendor pricing, and maintaining operational efficiency outside of helping in the design process. In his most recent position before this, he was the general manager of a five-star dive center in Jupiter, Florida where he oversaw all aspects of the business, which included a storefront, training facilities, and dive boat charters. Mateo is also currently an MBA candidate at Florida Atlantic University, with a concentration in operations management.

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Madison Crow

Administrative Manager

Madison adds an artistic flair to everything she touches from watercolor paintings to culinary masterpieces to landscape designs. Disney, scuba diving, and beach days with Mako, Oak Keeper’s unofficial mascot, keep Madison in high spirits and nurture her easy-going personality. Madison’s unwavering optimism drives her to approach every day as a fresh opportunity. If you need extra sunshine or inspiration, any conversation with Madison will make you look at the day from a fresh perspective. Madison is in charge of marketing, media, and sales processes as well as final design aesthetic checks. When it comes to taking a landscape from efficient and sustainable to an aesthetically pleasing work of art, she's incredible.

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